Hello World!

Hello everyone!
Homecoming 201Welcome to my blog! My name is Ian Dorsch and I am Senior at UW-Platteville studying English Education! I hope that one day, when I graduate from UW-Platteville, I will be able to use my degree to become an English Teacher! I’ve always loved the subject and I can’t wait to teach to other students!

In high school, my band teacher had a great impact on my life. Not just by showing me how to play an instrument but being a person that was there for me. During high school, being a teacher has been something that I have always thought about doing, but never followed through with it until my junior year of college. Seems a bit late to be making a decision like that, but engineering was not my piece of cake.  Now I am working to be a teacher and so far, I am having a blast! Hopefully my education degree comes quickly and I will be out at the schools soon teaching students why Romeo and Juliet is not boring and why we must quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”.

At UW-Platteville, I work as a Resident Assistant for Brockert Hall! This is my third year as a Resident Assistant and I have loved the job since I started! I love to put on programs that my wing is interested in, whether it be video game nights or camping trips. When it comes to things here on the wing, I always work towards building the community that everyone wants to be apart of.

Star WarsWhen I’m not working on academics or the Resident Assistant job, I like to fill my time up with things that I like to do. One of those hobbies is video games. Whether it be Minecraft, Halo, or Pokemon, I can usually find something that I can play that interests me. When not playing video games, I love to read. Whether it be a good fantasy like Harry Potter, or a historical fiction by Dan Brown, I can always find my way into a great book! When it’s not a book, movies are next, Star Wars being my favorite!

On this blog you will find a lot of posts about what’s going on in my resident assistant job, some short stories that I have been writing, and maybe some reviews on some recent movies that have come out! Also, keep an eye out for some cool things on education! With it being my future career, talking about it and sharing is beneficial for all of us! I hope you enjoy your visit and have a wonderful life!



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