Integrating into Technology: Let’s Make Some Goals!

As a future teacher, I hope that integration of technology is taken as seriously by other teachers as I am taking right now. There are many resources that a teacher can use in the classroom and technology is a large portion of that! In Educational Media Applications, we are trying to do just that. While taking this class at UW-Platteville, I hope that I can learn some more about certain technologies for the classroom; more specifically Apple Products.

Most of my life I have been surrounded by  PC and android when it came to technology. Apple though, has a strong presence in the classrooms across the nation. As a student, I have heard that many teachers use a Mac when they are preparing different activities and lessons. While being in this class, I would like to look into a Macbook Pro and see how it works with the classroom. Hopefully, by the time I graduate, I can learn whether or not I enjoy the Macbook and consider if I should get when for my teaching days. There are many apps on the laptop that are very helpful with the classroom and I would like to learn those as well. It would be easy to work with iPads in the classroom. With this, I feel that I would be able to give my students a better experience in learning. Macintosh-128k


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