Kahoot is a life saver!

Kahoot is a life saver!


One of my favorite things that I found while learning about the different assessment types here at UW-Platteville is a tool called Kahoot! This fun quiz is for the class to test what they have learned or what they may know already about a certain topic. Students sync their phones to an already made quiz and test themselves with the questions created by the teacher. It is fun and easy for teachers to set up and from what I have noticed, students love it. In fact, students will notice if a classroom does not use which is interesting when considering how to assess your students. This is a colorful and interesting way to keep the students interested and always be excited to be tested on the material. When signing up for a Kahoot!, the website offers many resources on how to successfully use one, but don’t worry, it’s not the hard to manage. If you need some help, check out these awesome resources that I have found that may be helpful to you!

Kahoot Guide: This PDF is directly from the Kahoot! Website. In it is a bunch of tips and tricks on how to make your Kahoot! successful!

Kahoot Tutorial: This YouTube Video is very helpful when first learning about Kahoot! and how to set up an account.


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