Thank you fellow Bloggers!!!

Sometimes to understand different ideas we need to reach out to those that are around us to gain some new information. While in Educational Media Applications, I was able to work with other students and learn from them while they learned some things from me. Below is just a couple of people that I worked with and learned new things from! Take a look at some of the things that they showed on their blog and then check them out for yourself!

Sara Middendorf-Check out Sara’s blog to learns some cool things that have to do with math! She also has a very interesting post on TPACK! TPACK stands for Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge. Like SAMR, which is talked about on this blog, TPACK is a frame work to understand and describe the different kinds of knowledge that is needed by a teacher to effectively practice technology and enhance it for the learning environment! To check out the post click here! If you would like to see her blog click on her name!

Hannah Pecard-Check out Hannah’s blog to see a lot of posts about teaching in general. Being another Math Educator, Hannah has a lot of resources for those that are struggling in teaching math and also looking for different ways of teaching it. One post I found interesting was her post on a flipped classroom. A flipped classroom is a new wave of instruction where all of the components of teaching are flipped. The instructor gives out different lectures that students look at before hand and then they present the concepts to the class and instructor. In the post, she explained the benefit and the concerns to the idea. She also put down some interesting tools that she has shared in her post to help those that are interested in it. To check out the post click here. Otherwise, if you would like to see Hannah’s webpage, click her name!

Wesley Wingert-Check out Wesley’s blog to get advice from another fellow English Educator! He has many resources that teachers can check out to help them along with the educational process. One of his post’s that I enjoyed reading was his Google Drive post. Even after working with Google Drive all semester I still learned some new things from his post! Remember, Google Drive is free for all users and you can use Google Docs, Spreadsheets and even Presenter on it. You gain a good amount of free storage and you can back up all of you pictures! Take a look at the original post here! Otherwise to see his full blog, click his name!




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