The SAMR Model

When teaching technology in the classroom, having guidelines or some sort of model is helpful, especially for those that are trying to incorporate the technology for the first time. One model that was helpful for me when learning is the SAMR model. The SAMR model was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura and, in the last couple of years, has been receiving a lot of attention in the educational field.

SAMR is an acronym that stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition. Substitution is the first stage where technology is used as a direct tool to substitute some sort of resource in the classroom. It then moves to Augmentation where teachers begin to think for more functional improvements of the technology being used. These first steps are used for enhancement of the classroom, the stepping stones. The next two steps are for transformation of the classroom. The first being Modification. This step is to take the technology and look into redesigning the task around the certain tech. This step is there to help lead to the last step which is Redefinition. This is the end result of the SAMR model and is final creation of a new task, that at first was though of as impossible. The idea behind this is that the incorporation of technology is allowing the students and classroom to achieve things that at first was thought impossible. Each step is as important than the other. As you can see in the image below, you can’t have one with the other.


This model is very important for teachers who are trying to bring technology to the classroom. By following it and understanding the importance of what they are trying to accomplish, teachers will find it very simple to achieve this goal. Understanding the concept may be difficult at first but by researching what other teachers have done in their field can be very helpful! Below are some links that were helpful for me when understanding the concept of SAMR, hopefully it is just as helpful for you as it was for me!

8 Examples of Transforming Lessons Through the SAMR Cycle: This website has examples on how to bring the SAMR model to the classroom. In this article there are examples for social sciences, English and also Physical Education!

SAMR Model Video by Ian Dorsch: This a video on the overall discussion of the SAMR Model.

Common Sense Media: Hear from Dr. Ruben Puentedura, creator of the SAMR model, on how teachers can apply the model. You can also hear from other teachers and their experiences with the model!


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