What to Teach!

Teaching QuoteI hope that one day, with the education that I am working on now, I will be able to be a teacher like the ones that have influenced me in my life. When I look back on those teachers that I have had, I notice one thing; their love for their subject. Being able to take a topic that I love and reciprocate that passion to students gets me excited to be a teacher. As a teacher though, the hardest part is how do you teach your students while keeping them engaged? Looking back, it’s amazing what my teachers did to make sure that all of us as students retained the information. Throughout my courses Teaching Quote 2though, I have been introduced to so many resources! It is unreal the amount of things that teachers can bring to the classroom to help their students learn and I would love nothing better but to share what I have found to help bring fun to the classroom! Check out the links below and other pages in the What to Teach tab to see some awesome things about teaching!